Today’s digitally sophisticated consumer can engage with brands and their products through many devices to access a wealth of information and  make  a purchase. Yet, the experience of touching and seeing the product in a very personal way falls short in the virtual world.  Tri-plexDesign’s ultimate in store experience integrates the best of both these worlds by merging content rich, informative on line exploration with the physical connection to the product. Our innovative communication technologies bring the future of retail to the shopper’s journey and our turnkey solutions for executing digital experiences simplify and enhance your ability to shape the path to purchase.

The Video Strip

The Video Strip’s unique digital signage format is ideal for shelf edge and limited space allocations. It’s multi-screen format offers expansive visuals that can be programed as individual channels or synchronized in dynamic eye catching ways.

Real Fiction

Real Fiction’s self-contained holographic projection display system delivers next generation, visual engagement. The arresting dimensional imagery fascinates the viewer and the system’s durability, plug and play functionality from compact counter size to giant exhibit hall size formats bring the technology  to a variety of space environments.

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Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement is the most dynamic and cost effective technology for communicating with consumers. Our platform engages shoppers with:

  • Videos, product information and reviews
  • Digital coupon delivery and chat bot feature
  • Full mobile e-commerce
  • Re-marketing and analytics for personalized offers

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A brilliant interactive display system activated by product touch that is uniquely formatted for retail.
It seamlessly integrates physical+digital merchandising engagement into a best in class execution of the future of retail.

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