Innovative Retail Communication:

Today’s digitally sophisticated consumer can engage with brands and their products through many devices to access a wealth of information and make a purchase.  Yet, the experience of touching, seeing and experiencing the product in a very personal way cannot yet be duplicated virtually. The ultimate in-store consumer experience should integrate the best of both these worlds and at Tri-plex we utilize the best technology options to achieve this:

  • TVS

  • Real fiction holographic projection

  • Mobile Engagement

  • Perch Interactive

TVS: This unique digital signage format delivers expansive visuals within a compact space.

Mobile engagement is the most dynamic and economical shopper communication technology we’ve developed. Our platform has changed how brands and retailers can deliver interactive experiences and enhance the merchandising of every product category.

RF: The arresting dimensional imagery of holographic projection fascinates the viewer.  Real Fiction’s self-contained, plug and play design offers a true next generation of visual engagement.

Perch: A brilliant interactive display system that is specifically formatted to retail use and is easy and intuitive to use.  It engages when the shopper physically touches and handles the product.