Graphic Design

Graphic design and messaging are the critical communication channels that work together to engage the consumer. What values will the shopper relate to and how effective is the graphic design that delivers with the greatest impact? Our brand insight and graphic design service transforms your merchandising space into an engagement zone that is informative, emotionally rich and compelling.

Petwell Pet Massage products


This program was created for the introduction of a new family of pet wellness massage products.

Given the top half of the end cap in the pet products section, we were asked to transform the peg wall gondola into a pet wellness playground. We identified three brand and product insight themes we felt consumers would relate to.    

  • Vet approved – being a trusted brand leader & doing right by your pet
  • Healthy Benefit – building healthy bond
  • Joyful spirit – bringing joy & happiness thru health

Based on the product planogram, we created communication areas around the products that introduced the new brand name at the top, identified the features and benefits of the different products at the bottom and used the center column to engage the emotions about the bond between pet owner and their pet when using the product.  The synergy of combining our insights into the brand and product, the design of how to present and  position the physical product, and the creativity of our graphic design lets us mix and match these elements into a final solution that  balances the function of the space and the ability to tell the story.

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