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Conceive. Design. Build. Engage.
Our retail marketing solutions showcase your products in retail environments with inventive display presentations and graphic messaging that engages, informs, and enhances the brand experience with innovation and imagination.

The Forefront of Innovative Retail Communication
We best capture the lifeblood of your brand and products in ways that your competitors simply do not. Our experienced team are a creative think tank with a depth of expertise to provide you with an extraordinary level of personalized service, hands-on attention to all of the details to create the most compelling customer experiences.

The Tri-Plex Approach
Tri-plex pushes the limits of creativity to help your business to excite, energize and engage with the consumer. Our retail marketing solutions create in-store experiences and ecosystems that dazzle the senses, support buyer behaviors and encourage product sell-through.

Consumer Engagement:

Our Guarantee:

We stand behind what’s out front and will create presentations to facilitate meaningful customer engagement with your brand.

We made a great decision when we decided to work with the Tri-Plex team.

Every project comes with many problems to solve and obstacles to predict. Now that we have a great partnership with Ken and team, our merchandising solutions continue to improve and our worries about hitting fast deadlines continue to shrink.

Ken and his team always come up with great ideas for our merchandising needs, many that exceed all expectations.

Morgan L., Merchandising Director, Bliss

Tri-Plex has been a big part of my workflow for the past 19 years, with many more to come. They are the GO TO for the best in package design, variety of packing concepts and prototype delivery.

Their spot-on suggestions for color, different materials to print on and finishes will make your design a stand out! …and of course, the final printed assembled product…delivered and shipped on time!

Mark D., Creative Director, Simon & Schuster

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